What does AS4 do exactly?

AS4 is a consultancy firm that advises on quality management. We assist companies with their quality policy in both the food industry and related 
sectors, such as packaging, storage and transport. In addition to well-grounded advice, we also emphasise rigorously supported implementation in practice.

What’s it like working for AS4?

As a Quality Advisor, you work Monday to Thursday at our clients’ premises. On Friday, you’ll be in our office for training, coaching and consulting. On Friday afternoon, the entire team is free.
The training, coaching and consultation on Friday mornings is sacrosanct to us because we want to continuously support our people in their ongoing personal improvement. This is also how we internally implement the circle of continuous improvement’ at our clients. AS4 currently has two offices, one in Lokeren and one in Antwerp city centre. The Lokeren office is our headquarters. 

What is AS4’s mission?

Companies are faced with ever-increasing demands with respect to quality, food safety and corporate social responsibility. We ensure our knowledge and experience is available to these companies to make sure that they can meet the required high standards. This is how we contribute to society: by guaranteeing that safe and high-quality products reach the market, manufactured with respect for people and the environment.

We want to provide our clients with added value that goes beyond attaining a certificate. We also want to implement structural improvements in order to attain the highest possible level of quality together with 
our clients.

What type of people work for AS4?

Over the years, we constantly reinforce the team with people with specific knowledge and skills. These are experienced people, such as former quality managers, auditors, packaging technologists, microbiologists, engineers, veterinarians, doctoral students and talented juniors.

Our people are socially skilled, assertive, autonomous and extremely driven. They are hungry for knowledge, want to continually better themselves and will go through fire and water for 
our clients.

What are the advantages and challenges of a career at AS4?

It is important that you know the job has many advantages as well as certain challenges. We ask candidates to think carefully about both of them before they decide to submit a job application.



  • Variety of work environments. Assist different companies on a daily basis.
  • The continuous acquisition of new knowledge and experience. Learn something new every day.
  • A great deal of autonomy, flexibility and responsibility.
  • You will be part of a very strong team.
  • The growth of our young, dynamic company provides career opportunities for continuous personal growth.
  • You usually have to work on your own with the client. However, you can call on a large team when needed. The client may only see one person, but that person is backed by all of the common knowledge and experience of the entire team. This ensures that the client receives the best support possible.


  • As a consultant, you must be able to satisfy the client’s high expectations. 
  • The ability to cope with stress is an important personality trait in our people.
  • Legislation, standards and science are constantly evolving. So you must be prepared to continue to study outside the Friday trainings to keep up to date with current knowledge.

What should you do to stand out in a large group of candidates?

A candidate’s experience and background is the primary basis for our selection process. What can really make a difference is how you can fit within the organisation and the team.

For junior profiles, experience is less important, but a hunger to learn is of primary importance as well as the drive to go all out and give 200% of yourself. We are especially looking for candidates who are socially skilled, assertive and extremely driven and able to work autonomously.

How does the recruitment process work?

1st interview: getting acquainted
2nd interview: background discussion and practical examples
3rd round: assessment
4th round: discussion with board member