AS4 Point

AS4 Point is an interactive software program that allows you the client to digitally administer your quality management system in a secure, rapid and accessible manner. As the quality manager, you are in complete control and fully apprised of all related matters.  

Using AS4 Point:

  • the actuality of information is continuously monitored, so you always have the latest approved version of the documents.
  • you safeguard the consistency of information throughout your entire quality management system.
  • you can manage your processes and associated information.
  • you can be sure that the right information reaches the right person at the right time.
  • you work with intelligent documents.
  • you can view reports at any time and create trend analyses.
  • you can monitor the progress of corrective actions and measures.
  • you always have a current view of the actual status of your quality management system.

“Thanks to AS4, as the quality manager, you are always in complete control and fully apprised of all related matters.”

— Kathleen Malfroy, Senior Partner

Document management

AS4 makes document management easy with automatic version management, central layout management and a digital workflow for reviews and approvals. It allows you to manage all of the changes, comments and new information related to your quality management system. Making a single centralised modification allows you to easily update all associated documents (e.g. procedures and work instructions), processes and forms. Hyperlinks in the web application makes it easy for your colleagues to access the related information.


Process management
Process management is simple with interactive flowcharts and organisation charts. AS4 Point converts MS Visio files into HTML and adds “intelligence”, such as hyperlinks to other processes, supporting documents and/or descriptions with associated tasks, rights and responsibilities.

Your colleagues use hyperlinks to quickly find related information or request a process step. This process step shows who is responsible for the step, the associated standards, and the required documents, processes and forms that are part of the process step. Summaries show all process steps associated with a selected job, department or standard. These allow to see at a glance who is involved in which processes and what role they play.


Personal approach

AS4 Point provides individually focused information. Users are authorised at the point where they enter’ the system. This allows the system to know’ what information is associated with a job, group or department. Outstanding actions are shown on a dashboard, newly posted information shown is at the top and favourite documents are immediately clickable. Menus, summaries and the extensive and powerful search function makes it easy for all users to quickly find the correct information. 

These powerful authorisation options at the individual, job, department and group level ensure that the right information reaches the right person at the right time. Thanks to the document management, you can also be sure that everyone always works with the current version of your documents, processes and forms.

Intelligent documents
AS4 allows you to rapidly create digital forms. For example, checklists, application forms, alerts, complaints handling reports, deviations, incidents, audits, risk assessments, etc. You can add logic to the forms, such as required fields, automatic retrieval of data from other systems, calculations and access management. And, the results of this logic can be presented in summary reports.


Real time KPIs
To measure is to know. A dashboard has a section displaying performance indicators in real time. You see the current situation reflected in your KPIs in a graphical representation (graphic, meter or chart). You can respond in a timely manner and easily share the status with your colleagues.

The dashboard also provides access to historical results, for example to create trend analyses. This information may come from external databases or through the use of intelligent web forms