Outsourcing Quality Professionals

Engaging skilled professionals ideally suited to your company.

Outsourcing QC/QA
Do you have a job position that is difficult to fill? Need a temporary replacement due to pregnancy, illness, and so on, or to cover the departure of a quality employee? Or would you like a full-time and flexible solution for your quality department? AS4 ensures you have the right person in the right position.

Quality service coordination
Do you have a temporary or long-term need for managers within your quality department? In that case, you can rely on AS4 experts to handle this for you.

“If you need trained manpower in your quality department, at whatever level, AS4 can immediately resolve this in a flexible manner.”

— Kathleen Malfroy, Senior Partner

Internal audits
An internal audit conducted by an independent expert can be instructive and shed new light on matters. AS4 provides a thorough analysis, a detailed report and practical advice that your organisation can put into practice.


Suppliers audits
There is an increasing demand for suppliers audits because of the neutral position of an external party. You can count on AS4’s expertise and experience to receive an extensive analysis of your suppliers.