AS4 is a recognised consultancy firm that advises and assists companies in obtaining certifications for quality assurance and management systems or in generally improving their quality management. AS4 distinguishes itself by providing superior theoretical support with a practical approach that delivers results on the shop floor. This is how we collaborate with our clients to obtain the best possible results. 


AS4 Services can be divided into four main categories:

  • Quality Management Support
    Implementation and optimisation of quality standards and international client standards carried out by experts.
  • Outsourcing Quality Professionals
    Engaging skilled professionals ideally suited to your company.
  • Experts@AS4
    Expertise in specific areas such as export, crisis management, recalls, etc.
  • AS4 Point
    The software solution for your digital quality management system.

AS4 is active in all sectors of the food industry and food-related industries such as packaging, transportation, distribution, etc. Over the years, we have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience in these sectors.